Entrance - Evidence Of
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An interactive installation disguised as a game, this project was a social experiment, a commentary on creating and about identity. The objective for participants was simply to place an egg inside a box through a hole. Over a 100 eggs were emptied and painted and some filled with glitter.

Participants could attempt from any distance, however, to place an intact egg inside the box was near impossible due to the delicate nature of the egg as well as the design of the box; the hole measured slightly less than the average width of an egg and from the point of entry is a ten inch drop.

As participants made their attempts and eggs were destroyed, the result ended in a kaleidoscopic effect, fragments of the shells and glitter mixed together inside the box and blanketed the floor beneath.


Cora Kobischka, Entrance, 2015



Eggs, Entrance, Grey scale, Installation, Interactive, Plexi